Project Two

Project Two

Draft Project Plan Team Two Workpackage final 06 02 2012

Team Leader

Julie Burton, Senior Lecturer, School of Health and Social Care, Faculty of Health Life and Social Sciences

Working Title

Using OER to introduce and support the processes of reflection/critical thinking in Year One Semester One

Project Summary

Reflection and critical thinking are key to the higher education experience but can pose challenges for new students unaccustomed to examining their own their own learning experiences. The team contains members from a number of different Health and Social Care awards who will be pooling their expertise to investigate how OER can support the processes of critical reflective practice at an early stage in the student learning experience.


  • To support student understanding of critical/ reflective practice in Semester One Year One
  • Investigate what OER are already available ‘out there’
  • Look at possibility of adapting what is already ‘out there’
  • To think of possible ways to disseminate information to encourage others to use what is already ‘out there’
  • Consider ways of linking and embedding critical thinking/reflection to induction
  • Seek to embed the use of OER across the department and faculty


  • Supporting student understanding of critical/ reflective practice early on by means of:
  • Case Studies
  • Examples of good/not so good practice
  • Applying for ‘minor mods’ to Core Skills modules to include reflective/critical thinking  as a LO
  • Embedding activities involving reflective/critical thinking into Induction


  • To consider the divisiveness of digital technology and the digital divides  particularly with a view to mature students or those with limited resources including
  • Finance
  • Time
  • Ease of use
  • Digital awareness
  • Digital  accessibility
  • Consider ways of linking critical thinking/reflection to induction and to utilise ‘Getting Started’ to encourage potential students to begin to think about critical/ reflective practice
  • Possible exercise for reflective practice.
  • Investigate how the Getting Started initiative could be used to introduce the concepts of reflection before enrolment
  • To explore the use of social networks and OER
  • To keep reflective logs of the project process to ensure staff can explore critical reflection through practice and lead by example

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