Project Six

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Project Six

Draft Workpackage  Team Six Behind_the_Scenes_Workpackage

Team Leader

Julian Beckton, Learning and Teaching Coordinator, Centre for Educational Research and Development


Project Six: Behind the Scenes:  supporting OER as a whole institution approach.

Project Summary

Project Six aims to support the other five Lincoln OER teams by developing and distributing useful resources on discovering and adapting open resources for local use and on incorporating open licenses. In addition the team will consider what institutional, national and international repositories will be suitable for resources produced by the project and provide guidance on appropriate granularity and metadata when submitting to those repositories. Finally the project will advise resource authors on using the most effective ways of using existing institutional resources to link their content to their staff profile, or to create a new profile, using appropriate and already available tools.


To provide support for the other teams by:

  • Offering advice on incorporating open licensing (using tools such as the Open Attribute tool) to embed creative commons (or other appropriate) licenses for each asset in any OER, and/or the whole OER as appropriate.
  • Suggesting ways in which resources might be discovered (both machine readable and human readable metadata and paradata), exploiting tools such as to build controlled vocabularies.
  • Investigating and suggesting appropriate repositories for resources created by the other teams. (Internally and externally)
  • Linking resources to staff profiles. (APIs/RSS feeds that allow users of the resource to link other resources created by the author elsewhere.)


  • Material (web based and print) on creative commons licences (which would itself use such licences)
  • Metadata templates (Not entirely sure how this will work yet) that authors can build onto their resources.
  • Documentation on uploading resources to different repositories and on incorporating them into local tools.
  • Analysis of how the outputs of the Buddy press staff profiles project can be exploited (of course that rather depends on how successful that project is)


  • Search for existing tools that we can exploit (e.g. ) and test them with the resources
  • Devise some form of metadata template that resource authors could use to provide metadata when uploading their resources to a repository (we could base this on the e-prints one, but we’d probably want to look at other repositories like and get an idea of what they do.
  • Evaluate the various repositories ingest methods (as well as Blackboard, e-prints, Mahara etc) and suggest ways in which items can be added most effectively – A simple link may not always be appropriate if a resource is complex. (Do you have metadata for the whole resource, for the individual digital assets, for groups of the resource)




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