The Project Interim Report is available as a Word document here:

OER Interim Report May 2012

The original Embedding OER Practice proposal/project plan is available here Embedding OER Project-Plan


Open Educational Resources

  • Yuan, L., MacNeill, S. and Kraan, W.  (2008) Open Educational Resources – Opportunities and Challenges for Higher Education. JISC CETIS
    The JISC CETIS (JISC Centre for Educational Technology & Interoperability Standards) is a JISC funded service which researches into technology for education. This briefing paper examines recent developments and trends in Open Educational Resources (OER) with an introduction to funding bodies, institutions and educators who are interested in OER initiatives. The three sections cover:
  • the conceptual and contextual issues of Open Educational Resources
  • current OER initiatives: their scale, approaches, main issues and challenges
  • trends emerging in Open Educational Resources, with respect to future research and activities


The Change Academy

Further information about the HEA Change Academy can be found on the Change Programmes page of the HEA website.  Recommended reading for background information to Change Academy experiences:


JISClegal guidance on using multimedia in resources

  • Recording Lectures and the Law Top Tips (JISClegal): With the increasing use of open educational resources and the use of technology to provide online learning, more and more institutions are recording lectures to be broadcast or reused in a variety of ways. This comes with a range of potential legal implications, of which the institution should be aware. To help give you confidence in your compliance with the law, these top tips serve as a quick reminder of the main areas to be addressed and sources of help available when recording lectures.
  •  Legal Aspects of the Use of Child Images in OERs (JISClegal): This paper considers the legal issues which arise in relation to the taking of or possession of images (still and moving) of children for use in an Open Education Resource.  The paper  focuses on the law as it applies to the creator of an OER but the creator does have to bear in mind that what is done will have a legal risk impact on the subsequent users of the OER and the creator’s employer e.g. the institution as well as any repository where the OER may be stored. Many of the legal issues raised in using images of children in an OER apply to the use of images in general, for example copyright and defamation. Where additional care needs to be taken is in the areas of data protection and e-safety to protect the integrity of the image and thus protect the child, the institution, and its employees and the future users of the OER.


Embedding OER Project Documents

All project team leaders will need to complete the following three JISC/HEA Documents.

  • JISC/HEA Project Plan Template
  • JISC/HEA Website Template for Projects
  • JIS/HEA Work Package Template

JISC/HEA Project Plan

Each project will need to complete a project plan, remember to fill in the ifnormation on the header i.e. document version, contact and date and to delete the explanatory italic blue text before submitting. The links to the JSIC project management pages contain useful guidance for filling in the individual sections.

Download the Project Plan Template document here  JISC/HEA Project Plan Template


JIS/HEA Work Package Template

Work packages divide the whole project into manageable blocks, and are the steps necessary in order to achieve the overall aims of each project. For example, one step might be to review existing policy concerning OERs, which might have to be completed before further steps are taken. Another work package could be project management, which could include things like producing reports (for particular deadlines) or managing budgets (which will be ongoing throughout the whole project).

Download document here JISC/HEA Work Package Template

The JISC Guidelines for completing Work Packages is here

Some examples of completed work packages can be viewed here.


JISC/HEA Website Template for Projects: the information on this document will be used to proivde content for the project pages on the JISC/HEA websites.  Delete all italic explanatory text before submitting.

Download document here  JISC/HEA Website Template for Projects


Examples of completed plans can be found onthe HEA OER Phase Two Ai Release Strand page


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