Project Four

Project Four

Draft Workpackage Team Four Karin Crawford Project Plan 15 12 11

Team Leader

Karin Crawford, Principal Teaching Fellow, School of Health and Social Care, Faculty of Health Life and Social Sciences


Open Educational Resources and e-portfolios for students and practice educators or mentors on undergraduate and postgraduate work-based learning awards.

Project Summary

This project will look at how open educational resources can support students, practice educators, mentors and university educators on professional programmes in health and social care. The open educational resources will need to address guidance on what is required to build an e-portfolio, reflective writing for professional development and learning in practice, the use of knowledge and evidence in professional practice and critical, analytical writing and ways to draw on and learn from service user’s evaluations of individual practice. Working alongside experts from the HEA Change Academy, the project will look for ways to embed the use of open educational resources to support e-portfolio building and sharing across the university.


To investigate a range of open educational resources that will support and enhance undergraduate and postgraduate students’ learning and assessment in practice.  These resources will be integral to (both supporting and being supported by) the development of e-portfolios across the professional programmes.


  • An accessible range of open education resources appropriate for different levels of study across undergraduate and postgraduate professional programmes;
  • A reflexive account of the team processes and learning in engaging with this project and the developing work;
  • Exemplar e-portfolio entries developed from the resource guidance (given project timescales, these are likely to be mock examples in the first instance)
  • Embedding the use of open educational resources within the curriculum and aligning the use of these resources with existing practices
  • Dissemination outputs, including potentially peer-reviewed paper(s) and conference presentation(s).


The project team represents two subject areas (Social Work and Nursing) and both undergraduate and postgraduate study.  It is intended that the team will work together to agree how the tasks necessary will be undertaken to take account of the skills and experience mix in the team.  Beyond this the team will also engage with colleagues across the wider teaching teams to ensure awareness and consultation throughout the development process.

The tasks will include

  • exploring current practices in our own teaching areas;
  •  exploring current practices in this regard beyond our own institution (through literature, research and our own networks);
  •  Locating existing open educational resources, using, repurposing and replacing these, whilst ensuring any new content is made available as open resources for wider use across the sector;
  • exploring and discussing software options for the e-portfolios;
  • exploring, identifying and deciding upon the topics and levels of open educational materials that will be required;
  •  identifying individuals to lead on the development of materials in specific areas;
  • exploring different options for formatting and presentation of the materials, ensuring accessibility issues are addressed – then agreeing on the approach to use consistently across the project;
  • drafting materials as agreed;
  • piloting the use of the materials and the e-portfolios with key stakeholders;
  • keeping records of progress and sharing these throughout;
  •  implementing the processes and making the open educational resources available;
  •  agreeing on-going methods for updating materials and monitoring processes.

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