Accessible and inclusive design and delivery of OER

Digital teaching and learning resources are inherently more flexible and accessible than paper-based resources. They support customisation to individual requirements as well as a range of different learning preferences. When working with digital resources such as OER, attention to accessibility and inclusive practie is essential if the affordances of digital content are to be realised. JISC TechDis  is the leading UK advisory service on technologies for inclusion. They promote inclusive practices for learning and teaching across the education sector and offer a range of support such as the Accessibility Essentials Series. Each of the six teams in Embedding OER Practice have been given a folder of JISC TechDis resources and there are direct links to Accessibility Essentials under the Links tab in the menu bar above. Where digital resources are used to support inclusive teaching, this inavariably benefits all learners and improves the e-learning infrastructure of the institution. Embedding OER Practice supports digital inclusion and welcomes this opportunity to promote accessible and inclusive design and delivery.