Embedding OER Practice in Institutions

Welcome to the Embedding Open Educational Resources blog.

Embedding Open Educational Resources  Practice in Institutions is a £50,000 project funded under the HEFCE/JISC/HEA OER Programme: Higher Education Institutional Change (HEIC) Strand.

The aim is to support the embedding of Open Educational Resources (OER) policy and practice as a whole institution approach. Six project teams will be supported by team of change experts from the HEA Change Academy programme. As part of the funding conditions, the HEA will support the use of ‘small development funding initiatives’ which ‘pertain to OER policy change and are linked to one or more of the teams involved in the project’.  The  HEA will run an internal Change Academy programme at Lincoln; a process that includes specific development opportunities for nominated team leaders, an ongoing support network, AwayDays and a residential event providing creative environments in which the whole team can focus on planning and developing strategies for lasting change. The Change Academy programme supports both rapid innovation and capacity-building for longer-term change.

Further details about the programme and the projects can be found on these pages. Please contact Project Coordinator Sue Watling with any additional questions which are not answered here. swatling@lincoln.ac.uk